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Thursday, 7 January 2010


My followers know that I have had a bit of a time these last few weeks, but I want to apologise for not keeping up with checking all your blogs etc.
New year, new me, and I am back with you. So when I have something decent enough to post, I will and I will now set too in getting back to blog hopping.


  1. No need for apologies Bren - glad to hear about the NEW you though - as I've said before you go girl - life's too short to waste it.

    Ann xxx

  2. Nice to see you back Bren, no need for apologies. So pleased that the New Year is the start of a New You, enjoy life, we are only here once.
    Christine xx

  3. No need to apologise Bren. Blogging and blog hopping is something we do for fun. There's no obligation involved. Just glad to see you're getting on with your life.
    Beryl xx

  4. Nice to see you back on here Bren, no need for apologies, I look forward to reading another one of your really interesting "tales" very soon.

    Pat xx

  5. Glad you're back in blogland Bren, looking forward to seeing you back posting all your great stuff.

    Jenny x